Thursday, 27 April 2017



Your evaluation should be based on both your own analysis  and comments from others and must include making judgements about the following :

Clarity of communication , including clear purpose and possible impact of documentary

Appropriateness of content and style for target audience

Effectiveness of techniques  (use of  presenter, found footage ,interviews  filmed scenes etc )

Technical and aesthetic ( artistic) quality of finished product

Did the finished product match your original intentions and initial idea ?

Minimum 500 words

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Creating your documentary

You now need to use your planning and research to create your documentary 
  ( 5-10 minutes in length ) This will involve the following :

                               Scripting your interviews and presenter/voiceover content

                             Organising and filming your interviews in practical and creative location

                              Downloading appropriate and relevant found footage

                             Filming the other elements of your documentary , such as
                             establishing shots and presenter content

                              Downloading any relevant music

You then will edit your documentary using iMove or Premiere , making sure you use appropriate techniques such as cuts, fades , and relevant credits.


Monday, 13 March 2017

Pitching your documentary idea

Create  a Powerpoint presentation pitching your  idea for your documentary to the producer 
( David)  and planning the content in detail. This must cover the following :

Issue your documentary is exploring  and brief summary of purpose and impact :

Detailed idea of  ideal target audience ( include age, gender, lifestyle , interests)
 and possible audience figures  ( use this BARB weekly guide, select an appropriate channel and  find a similar programme to your documentary )

Techniques to be used:  , use and style of presenter , voiceover, interview topics, interviewees , use of  found footage , use of  filmed footage.

Structure :  Your documentary should be 5- 12 minutes in length. Create a plan that lists the running order of your documentary  and overall structure e.g

Interview 1
Mini-interiews in street
Interview 2


Thursday, 2 March 2017

RESEARCHING your documentary : primary research , summary and ethical concerns

Complete a primary research questionnaire  ( 8+ questions) : the goal of the questionnaire is to  discover what your target audience knows and feels  about your  selected social , personal or political issue , their experience of and access to comparable products in the documentary format, and contains questions  that help you plan the content of your documentary so it appeals to them in a sensitive and responsible way.

When the questionnaires are completed (   should be at least 10 copies)  place in your research folder and summarise the results  in a blog post and explain how patterns of responses to key  questions   have helped you plan the content of  your documentary. For example , the level of knowledge the audience has about your topic will define the style and content of the introduction of your documentary.

 Finally , explain any ethical considerations you will need to consider in the planning of your documentary  on the blog  to ensure sensitivities around the subject are dealt with in a responsible way following your research.
For example , all factual information included in the documentary  must be  accurate to avoid misleading your audience about the topic , and people you interview must be made aware of the questions they will be asked and the purpose of your documentary in advance .

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

RESEARCHING your documentary : secondary research

A   Secondary research into the  existing  facts  about the selected topic  for your individual documentary idea. You need to search through a range of reliable sources ( online newspapers, charity websites etc.) and select relevant quantitative information ( statistics , dates, case studies  about the specific details of your topic that will add valuable content and meaning to your documentary.

You should find at least three  different resources . You should not use wikipedia directly as it is not a reliable or accepted source of research.

You should summarise the key information you discover about your topic in a blog post and print out the relevant resources.

B   Secondary research into other examples of your topic in the media,  the format and possible distribution of your documentary.

Research and list 2-3 examples of  other media  treatments of your chosen social issue
( documentaries, charity adverts , news stories etc. ), in a  blog post.  

Summarise how your documentary will compare ( be similar or different ) to these products.

Research and explain on the blog  :

 At least two locations and methods  where your documentary could be distributed and shown
 ( television channels, Youtube channels , cinemas, DVD etc)

 At least one possible source of funding of  the production of your documentary ( BFI, Vice etc.)

RESEARCHING your documentary : initial ideas

You need to create two ideas on the blog  for a possible short  documentary  you  will be producing. These initial ideas need to have the following information :

1    Social issue you are investigating
( should be a local issue, a health concern, financial issue or political issue that directly affects either your local area  or age group )

2   Purposes of  your documentary
( see list from previous assignment )

3  Impact you are trying to achieve with your documentary
( on issue , audience , participants or filmmakers)

4  Individuals you could interview as part of your documentary
  ( specific people, reason for selection )

Next , select one of your ideas to take forward and produce a documentary about , based on how effective and practical the intitial ideas are.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

ASSIGNMENT Task 1: Analysing the purposes and content of other documentaries

Using the documentaries we have watched , and your own independent research,  write a report, analysing a minimum of 2 different documentaries. This must cover the following :

Basic information: name of production , director , level and type of distribution
( cinema/online/DVD, local/national/international) 

Explanation of narrative content and structure : main issue and story of documentary, single or multistrand , beginning/middle/end of individual and overall narratives

Explanation in detail  of techniques used with specific examples : e.g interviews , presenter, voiceover, found footage, filmed footage , music , use of camera , editing , lighting, graphics and text etc.

Explanation of the purposes of each documentary : select and explain  relevant choices from the following options :

To bring about local, national or global change;

to change attitudes;

to raise awareness;

to create or strengthen community ties;

to provide information;

to build relationships with documentary subjects;

to campaign;

to change voting behaviour;

to challenge dominant social representations and agendas;

to create access to media production for non-traditional groups;

to infiltrate mainstream media;

Explanation in detail  of impact of each documentary with specific examples: 

Explain the  real or potential impact of the documentary on the target audience, participants,  or the filmmakers  and any practical impact  on the social issue and participants  shown in the documentary. Does or could the documentary achieve its purposes and how does it try to do so? Look at examples of  the content, structure and techniques ( e.g use of closeups of faces, statistical information, atmospheric music , serious tone in voiceover etc. ) of each documentary to show this.

                                             UNDEFEATED ( 2011)

   LINK TO WHOLE FILM            HERE                                          

                                    BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE  ( 2003)

Here are some more examples :