Sunday, 31 January 2016


Welcome to the social action and community media production blog!

In this assignment , you will be identifying a social or community issue that you will then research, plan, produce, and edit a short documentary film ( 5-10  minutes) for. As part of the unit, you will also carry out a variety of different types of research into your topic , form of your documentary, and your target audience.

The issue needs to be an issue that is related to specific social or  community  issues (e.g a hospital closure that would impact a particular group of people; particular crimes on the rise; a group of people in your community who are under represented in the media and suffer discrimination, etc). The intention of your documentary would be to highlight this issue, and should try to have an impact on the issue itself. 

This blog is designed to support your learning for this assignment, providing you with additional links and resources to extend your learning beyond the classroom.

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