Tuesday, 24 January 2017

ASSIGNMENT Task 1: Analysing the purposes and content of other documentaries

Using the documentaries we have watched , and your own independent research,  write a report, analysing a minimum of 2 different documentaries. This must cover the following :

Basic information: name of production , director , level and type of distribution
( cinema/online/DVD, local/national/international) 

Explanation of narrative content and structure : main issue and story of documentary, single or multistrand , beginning/middle/end of individual and overall narratives

Explanation in detail  of techniques used with specific examples : e.g interviews , presenter, voiceover, found footage, filmed footage , music , use of camera , editing , lighting, graphics and text etc.

Explanation of the purposes of each documentary : select and explain  relevant choices from the following options :

To bring about local, national or global change;

to change attitudes;

to raise awareness;

to create or strengthen community ties;

to provide information;

to build relationships with documentary subjects;

to campaign;

to change voting behaviour;

to challenge dominant social representations and agendas;

to create access to media production for non-traditional groups;

to infiltrate mainstream media;

Explanation in detail  of impact of each documentary with specific examples: 

Explain the  real or potential impact of the documentary on the target audience, participants,  or the filmmakers  and any practical impact  on the social issue and participants  shown in the documentary. Does or could the documentary achieve its purposes and how does it try to do so? Look at examples of  the content, structure and techniques ( e.g use of closeups of faces, statistical information, atmospheric music , serious tone in voiceover etc. ) of each documentary to show this.

                                             UNDEFEATED ( 2011)

   LINK TO WHOLE FILM            HERE                                          

                                    BOWLING FOR COLUMBINE  ( 2003)

Here are some more examples :



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