Tuesday, 21 February 2017

RESEARCHING your documentary : secondary research

A   Secondary research into the  existing  facts  about the selected topic  for your individual documentary idea. You need to search through a range of reliable sources ( online newspapers, charity websites etc.) and select relevant quantitative information ( statistics , dates, case studies  about the specific details of your topic that will add valuable content and meaning to your documentary.

You should find at least three  different resources . You should not use wikipedia directly as it is not a reliable or accepted source of research.

You should summarise the key information you discover about your topic in a blog post and print out the relevant resources.

B   Secondary research into other examples of your topic in the media,  the format and possible distribution of your documentary.

Research and list 2-3 examples of  other media  treatments of your chosen social issue
( documentaries, charity adverts , news stories etc. ), in a  blog post.  

Summarise how your documentary will compare ( be similar or different ) to these products.

Research and explain on the blog  :

 At least two locations and methods  where your documentary could be distributed and shown
 ( television channels, Youtube channels , cinemas, DVD etc)

 At least one possible source of funding of  the production of your documentary ( BFI, Vice etc.)

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