Monday, 13 March 2017

Pitching your documentary idea

Create  a Powerpoint presentation pitching your  idea for your documentary to the producer 
( David)  and planning the content in detail. This must cover the following :

Issue your documentary is exploring  and brief summary of purpose and impact :

Detailed idea of  ideal target audience ( include age, gender, lifestyle , interests)
 and possible audience figures  ( use this BARB weekly guide, select an appropriate channel and  find a similar programme to your documentary )

Techniques to be used:  , use and style of presenter , voiceover, interview topics, interviewees , use of  found footage , use of  filmed footage.

Structure :  Your documentary should be 5- 12 minutes in length. Create a plan that lists the running order of your documentary  and overall structure e.g

Interview 1
Mini-interiews in street
Interview 2


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