Thursday, 2 March 2017

RESEARCHING your documentary : primary research , summary and ethical concerns

Complete a primary research questionnaire  ( 8+ questions) : the goal of the questionnaire is to  discover what your target audience knows and feels  about your  selected social , personal or political issue , their experience of and access to comparable products in the documentary format, and contains questions  that help you plan the content of your documentary so it appeals to them in a sensitive and responsible way.

When the questionnaires are completed (   should be at least 10 copies)  place in your research folder and summarise the results  in a blog post and explain how patterns of responses to key  questions   have helped you plan the content of  your documentary. For example , the level of knowledge the audience has about your topic will define the style and content of the introduction of your documentary.

 Finally , explain any ethical considerations you will need to consider in the planning of your documentary  on the blog  to ensure sensitivities around the subject are dealt with in a responsible way following your research.
For example , all factual information included in the documentary  must be  accurate to avoid misleading your audience about the topic , and people you interview must be made aware of the questions they will be asked and the purpose of your documentary in advance .

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